Rivulite-aqua is an automatic irrigation solution for your home garden. Manufactured with Israeli technology by “Rivulis”, the global leader of micro irrigation. Set up Rivulite-aqua irrigation system in your garden, schedule the watering as per your choice. Rivulite-aqua will automatically babysit your beloved plants.

Rivulite Aqua drip irrigation kit

Rivulite-aqua Components

An automatic irrigation solution for your home.

Rivulite-aqua is based on the principle of drip irrigation technology which has proven to be one of the most environmentally sustainable and efficient methods of irrigating plants and fields. The product contributes in saving significant amounts of water by providing the right amount of water at set intervals.


Avoid the hassles of watering by hand, over -watering and wastage of water. Rivulite-aqua provides the required amount of water to each plant at the root zone, creating healthy and hygienic garden environment.

‘Faster and smarter way to irrigate’.

Rivulite-aqua is supported with a bluetooth app and can be controlled with your smartphone.

Why Rivulite-aqua?

  • Automation

    Fit the Rivulite-aqua in your garden and set the irrigation schedule as per your choice. It will take care of watering the plants automatically. ‘Fit-set-forget’

  • Ease of Installation

    Simple and easy installation of equipment. Installation video and instruction manual provided along with the product to support ‘Do It Yourself’.

  • Warranty

    One year warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Brand

    Produced by “Rivulis”, the global leaders in micro irrigation solutions.

  • Quality & Innovation

    Manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified factory with Israeli technology.

  • No power connection required:

    Powered via 9V battery.

  • Low maintenance

    Extremely low maintenance.

  • Save Water

    Through innovative drip irrigation technology. Rivulite-aqua essentially saves a considerable amount of water.

  • No electricity

    No need of plugging in for the power supply. Rivulite-aqua is Powered via 9V battery.

  • Deliver Water to Roots of the Plant

    Best in class drippers ensure the required water to each plant at the root zone and create a hygienic garden environment.

  • Supported by Bluetooth Application

    Operate Rivulite-aqua with your smartphones- "Faster and Smarter way to Irrigate".

  • Save Time & Money

    An automatic and hassle-free watering solution for your home garden. Rivulite-aqua offers the facility of scheduling your water supply, saving time and money both.

Tips for maintenance and better performance of the Rivulite-aqua Systems

  • Check the inlet water quality and avoid sand, mud and other hard particles from entering the drip line. Remove the end cap of the drip tube and allow free flow of water for 1 to 2 minutes once in a month to clean up the system.

  • If, due to dust particles, the water is blocked in any of the drippers, then, open the dripper cap, clean it and use again.

  • For the proper functioning of the irrigation controller, ensure a water pressure of minimum 14 PSI.

  • Observe the water requirement for pots/ plants and set the duration of water flow in the irrigation controller accordingly.

  • If the irrigation controller is not working, check the battery and replace it if required. To ensure free flow of water through the irrigation controller, clean the filter at the inlet of irrigation controller once in 6 months.


  • Balcony Garden
  • Rooftop Terrace Garden
  • Outdoor / Landscape Garden
  • Restaurant Garden
  • Corporate Garden

Balcony Garden

Rooftop Terrace Garden

Outdoor / Landscape Garden

Save Water

No Electricity

Deliver Water to Roots of the Plant

Hassle Free

Supported by Bluetooth Application

Save Time & Money