5 Low Maintenance Plants for the Busy Gardener

Do you love plants but don’t have enough time to care for them? Are you looking to bring a little bit of Mother Nature within the four walls of your home? If you find yourself nodding vigorously with a resounding yes in answer to the questions above; indoor plants are perfect for you- the busy gardener. Not only do they enhance and embellish the aesthetic value of your living space, indoor plants also purify air, and bring with them a quality of freshness, and enthusiasm like nothing else.

Getting indoor plants is like cultivating a maintenance free garden. These plants practically take care of themselves. They can thrive indoors and grow well with basic care and watering; with minimal pruning time.

Here are 5 low-maintenance indoor plants to create a love- work balance in your gardening life:

1. Snake Plant

This succulent plant is also known as “mother in law’s tongue,” and grows up to a height of 4 feet! It needs almost no maintenance and very infrequent watering to thrive all the year round. This ornamental also doubles up as an excellent air purifier by absorbing toxins and chemicals from air and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

2. Aloe Vera

Called the ‘miracle plant’ for the health, beauty, and aesthetic value this plant brings to your home, Aloe Vera grows best in the sunniest spots of your garden. This plant is of a drought-resistant variety and is used to low water availability.

3. Bamboo Palm

This tropical indoor plant is quite a grower! It shoots up to a height of 7 feet! Bamboo palms don’t care much for watering and find use as charming feng shui pieces for most owners. If you’re inclined to pruning and feeling artistic, you could even shape this plant into a variety of forms.

4. Peace Lily

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, peace lilies are yet another air quality enhancer. These indoor plants require almost no sunlight and are quite easy to grow. Adapted to low levels of watering, hooded lilies make for striking home décor.

5. Anthurium

For the exotic element Anthurium flowers bring to your home all year round, maintaining them indoors is much easier than you’d expect. These plants need indirect sunlight and moderate watering and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

Now that you know which plants best suit your indoor garden, you’re probably wishing there was some kind of self-irrigating solution for your garden.

Manufactured with Israeli technology by “Rivulis”, the Rivulite- aqua irrigation system is the solution to all your micro-irrigation needs. With the drip irrigation technology in Rivulite, you can schedule watering as per your convenience and save enormous amounts of valuable water while keeping your precious garden healthy and hygienic.  

This product is highly efficient along with being environment-sensitive and sustainable. It’s perfect solution for those who love plants but not the hassle of watering the plants by hands on daily basis. Rivulite Aqua works on a totally convenient and user friendly principle of Fit- Set- Forget. It simply means you fit the easy assembly system, set the time for daily or periodical irrigation through your mobile device via bluetooth and forget the daily hassle of watering by hand. Rivulite Aqua is a companion that would nurture your beloved plants by watering them straight to the roots.

Stay tuned to find out more about this smart irrigation technology that will revolutionize gardening!

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