How to Care for Your Plants When You’re Not There

Indoor gardening is on the rise due to the benefits of enhanced air quality, aesthetic elements, and decreased risk of mental and respiratory illnesses plants offer. Indoor gardening is a compact, space-optimising method of gardening that is ideal for urban areas which are already space-scarce. While individuals who enjoy gardening tend to their indoor gardens with great enthusiasm and zeal, the state of plants when homeowners are away is always a concern. The absence of a gardener can wreak havoc on houseplants. Is it possible to go away on holiday without all the time and effort you put into creating and maintaining your beautiful indoor garden go to waste?

Follow the given pointers if you want your indoor garden to thrive even while you are away from home or vacationing:

1) Move pots and planters to a shady spot of the house, so that the plants don’t stay in the heat, especially in the afternoon. The reduced light will cause plants to reduce flowering, but they can recover once you’re back home.

2) Keep pots together so that a humid microclimate is created. This will aid conserve water. If possible apply a layer of bark mulch to the surface of the soil to retain moisture.

3) Push smaller pots into the soil to keep roots cool and preserve moisture.

4) Trim the foliage of mature plants so that they require lesser water while you are away.

5) Place a damp towel below the drainage hole of the pot of a plant.

6) Conduct a thorough pest check before you leave so that the problem doesn’t amplify while you’re away. Spray the apt pesticide to keep your plants protected and healthy in your absence.

7) Hang up large clothes to shade your garden from sunlight. The shades will diffuse light your plants receive, preventing your plants from burning in the heat of the summer.

Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips before you leave your indoor garden unattended for an extended period of time.

Ultimately plants need water. No matter what else you do, to care for them in your absence, this stands to be the most critical aspect of caring for your garden. Watering plants in your front porch and watering them indoors has many differences. A set of factors such as an absence of light, temperature difference, and airflow inside your house are to be considered for houseplants. A home irrigation system is a perfect solution to this situation. If you are looking for a high-quality hassle free home irrigation solution, you must consider Rivulite Aqua. Rivulite is an automatic home irrigation system that has been designed keeping the unique needs of home gardening in mind. With this system, all you need to do is fit the easy assembly system, schedule watering as per your needs and convenience from your mobile through bluetooth and enjoy your time away from home with a tension-free, relaxed mind. That’s the beauty of it, just Fit- Set- Forget. This irrigation system is battery powered and works on innovative drip technology which assures saving a large quantity of water by watering the plants right to the roots.

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