6 Most Aesthetic Indoor Plants

Getting houseplants is the best and most healthy way to add a pop of nature and color to your home. Houseplants make your house look luxurious and serene without burning a hole in your pocket!

If you aren’t sure of which plants you should get that will be easy to maintain, read on to know about the six most aesthetic indoor plants for your home.

  1. ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ Houseplant

This is an exotic version of the Ficus plant which has a dark green stunning foliage with an explosion of leaves. This houseplant is perfect for perking up your home décor. It goes well with a variety of outdoor settings too.  The best thing about this plant is how easy it is to take care of. This plant is known for its exceptional air-filtering qualities, making the environment of your home cleaner and healthier.

  • Red Valentine Chinese Evergreen Plant

This is a gorgeous, low maintenance houseplant that only needs to be watered when the soil gets dry. The plant thrives well in dim light conditions, making its placement in any area of the house rather easy.

  • Pencil Cactus

This unique and beautiful houseplant is a well-loved houseplant. It needs medium light and doesn’t require frequent watering. This plant adorns any room perfectly but needs to be handled with care due to the toxic milky sap it contains.

  •  Bird’s Nest Fern

This stunning houseplant comes from Southeast Asia and is the ideal decorative plant because owing to its beautiful and unique leaf shapes. It is an easy plant to grow, and it thrives well in humid and warm climates. The plant needs bright indirect sunlight to grow so remember to place it at a spot where it gets the right kind of sun exposure.

  • Aluminium Plant

This pretty  houseplant is a sight to impress anyone who visits you, for its got the most rare silver strips that reflect the color of aluminium over the glossy green leaves of the plant. It is a low maintenance plant that is ideal for adding the glam quotient to any room of your home!

  • Croton Petra

An enchanting mix of yellow, amber and orange the croton is a beautiful, bold and bodacious houseplant. It is an easy plant to raise and has linear markings on its thick green foliage that adds to how stunning this plant looks. Keep this plan in indirect sunlight and water it sporadically to allow its best growth.

There you have it, take your pick from these beautiful houseplants and bring to your home an abundance of green and serene.

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