How to Fight Plant Diseases in Your Terrace Garden

Plants decaying and dying can be pretty heart-breaking especially for those of us who have a green thumb. While adding more water and shifting a plant to a sunnier spot maybe a quick remedy to restore the health of a plant, sometimes the problem seems to persist even after doing so. Plants looking lackluster for a long period of time could mean that they have caught a disease.

Disease fungi cause a lot of damage to vegetable gardens. There are many natural and organic ways to deal with pests and diseases in a terrace garden. Identifying early on that a plant is stressed will allow you to take the necessary steps required to keep the disease and pests in your garden in check.

1. Choose a good site and healthy soil to grow your plants

By doing so you will reduce the plant stress and how prone plants are to disease and pests. Too much or too little sunlight, water, shade, and fertilizer are also stressors for plants. Using aged compost to give plants nutrients naturally is another helpful tip. Compost-rich soil also helps drainage while retaining soil moisture. To keep soil healthy, apply a 2-inch layer of aged compost to your terrace garden twice a year.

2. Choose resistant plant species or varieties

Before buying seed packets make sure to check how resistant the plant type is to diseases and pests. You could also conduct research using the internet before making your purchase. If you grow a mix of plant families in your terrace garden, it will create diversity. This will prevent the rapid spread of pests or diseases that attack specific plant groups. 

3. Prune or remove damaged and diseased leaves and branches

Pruning plants regularly increase light and air circulation in the terrace garden. It is important to remove dead and diseased plants from the garden as soon as you spot them.

4. Clean your garden and free it of debris

Pests often find shelter in leaves that have fallen or died.  Regularly check your garden for these to keep pests away and remember to check the soil for pests as well.

5. Non-toxic sprays

Most insect pests can be eliminated using nontoxic sprays. The easiest way to remove them is with a forceful spray of water. You can also use insecticidal soaps and natural insecticides that are made from plant extracts such as neem instead of synthetic pesticides. 

It is not commonly known, but a lot of plant diseases also arise due to improper watering. This is an easily avoidable cause of plant diseases. Getting an automatic irrigation system for your terrace garden is the perfect solution to this easily avoidable problem. Made from the latest technology, Rivulite-aqua is an irrigation system that allows you to schedule watering as per your convenience. It cares for your plants like you would, even in your absence. Learn more about this phenomenal irrigation system at

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